KBR Long Weekend Intensive Workshop

Learn revision techniques and then use them on your picture book, middle grade, nonfiction, or YA manuscript in this 3-day, hands-on intensive which focuses on ways to improve your work. Bring a current manuscript or one that's stuck or needs new direction. We--Eileen Robinson and Harold Underdown of Kids Book Revisions--will show you how to use a variety of revision techniques, provide editorial feedback in one-on-one meetings, and help you find additional feedback in model critique groups set up just for the workshop.

First morning

Introductions and schedule review, questions.

Framework: Reader response theory vs. the lit. crit. approach. The revision process generally—different stages, different processes. Objectivity vs. being engaged.

Critique groups and how they work and don't work. Changing roles, changing the focus, changing procedures.

Set up and begin (if time) model critique groups before lunch.


First afternoon

Continue model critique groups.

First individual meeting with Eileen or Harold; networking or writing time while not meeting (writing exercises provided).

After supper: optional informal discussion about "the market" and whether one should write for it; finding your own road (story: If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.) OR writing time.

Second morning

"Big picture" methods of finding objectivity or responsiveness; Plot, character, theme, feeling; checklists, outlining, visual breakdowns, being read to, etc.

Trying out some big-picture techniques.


Second afternoon

Second model critique group session.

Eileen on crafting new scenes. Writers will actually improvise a scene (in writing), using a structure introduced by Eileen to the group.

After supper: optional informal discussion about good books for help with revision,
OR writing time.

Third morning

"Tight focus" methods: Language, POV; Line and copy-editing your own writing.

More out-there methods: reading backwards, being read to, word graphics, color-coding, etc.

Trying out some tight-focus techniques.

Third afternoon

Third and final model critique group session, including trying out methods through which a critique group can help with polishing.

Second individual meeting with Harold or Eileen for "next steps" planning.

Final thoughts, possibly including:

This is one of a number of possible workshops that we -- Eileen Robinson and Harold Underdown -- can present to your group, covering a variety of topics and running in length from a halfday intensive to a week-long writing retreat.

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