KBR Revision Retreats:
What the Participants Said

In this working retreat, now approaching its 6th year at the Highlights Foundation (with the 2017 retreat already scheduled), we teach proven techniques for self-editing and revising, work with writers on their manuscripts, and provide writing time. Our retreats follow a well-honed program. In the mornings we talk revision theory and participants try out revision techniques. In the afternoons, participants can gather for impromptu critique groups, we hold one-on-one meetings, or people focus on writing and revising. We teach reader response theory and how to use it to gain insights into a manuscript; explore ways to gain objectivity and more focused responses to manuscripts; try out a variety of techniques for self-editing, from big picture revision down to final polishing; discover creative techniques to use to generate new material; take part in group discussions and share favorite techniques; look out at the "market" on the final day in an editor Q&A session. You can also see a typical daily schedule (That links to a PDF).

In 2017, the Revision Retreat will take place August 5 to 9, for 12 to 16 participants. Visit the Highlights Foundation website for information or to register. Read on for comments about the Retreat, followed by some blog posts.

Comments about the Retreat


Eva Apelqvist: Thank you both for being so generous and lovely with your time and knowledge. Your retreat was in many ways the most enjoyable one I've been to, and it wasn't only the lovely setting and the incredible food, but your continuous attention to us and our projects. It was wonderful and educational and I'm so ready to revise.


Linda Kujawski: "The Highlights Foundation Revision Retreat was a turning point for me. With the help of Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson, I was able to approach my revision with clear-sighted analysis and very specific tools for creative problem solving. I learned how to step away and see the big picture and to focus close to see the details. I also learned how to use writing techniques to prompt new ideas. Harold and Eileen connected all of the techniques in a useful package I was able to take home and use immediately.

"The gift of a book is such a treasured gift and from this workshop I received several new books adding to the overall gift of the retreat itself. Thank you, thank you for writing time, a beautiful peaceful space, and lessons to live by in the revision process."

Debbi Michiko Florence: "This retreat was exactly what I needed at this time. The assignments Eileen gave me are focusing me on what I need most - character depth and emotion. I feel like I'm headed in the right direction. Everything you and Harold taught was pertinent and important and I'm excited to apply everything I learned. I can't thank you both enough!"

Carole Pelttari: "Many high points: The camaraderie with other serious writers; Harold's instruction -- especially on first chapters and keeping the promise; Eileen's guidance through first-night introductions and a later writing prompt exercise; location and food!"

Blog Posts about the Retreat

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