Sample Schedule: One-Day Revision Workshop

This carefully condensed version of our Three-Day Workshop is set up to help you learn revision techniques and then use them on your manuscript. Eileen Robinson and Harold Underdown of Kids Book Revisions will show you how to use a variety of revision techniques, provide editorial feedback in one-on-one meetings, and help you get more out of critique groups.

In advance: submit manuscript for review and comments by ER and HU.

Student preparation: Bring 8 copies of up to 5 pages of your manuscript.

9:15 – Welcome, introductions, and review schedule.

9:45   Introduction: Reader Response vs. Lit. Crit—different ways to respond to a manuscript and what you get from them.

10:30  How Critique Groups Work and Other Ways to Get Feedback from Others—introduction and discussion

11:00 – Put critique group learning into practice. Break into critique groups to dive into "what lies underneath." Use our "focus questions" and get peer critiques and editor feedback. (Eileen and Harold lead groups)

Manuscripts returned immediately before lunch. Sign-up sheet available at lunchtime in case people want to continue with critique groups or work with partners, etc., during 3:30 to 5 individual meetings with HU and ER.

12:30 - Lunch.

2:00 - Big Picture Revising – techniques and what they do for you.

2:45 - Sweating the Small Stuff -- Yes, the details matter!  Again, techniques and what they do for you.

3:30 - Writing time guided by insights from the critique group and our notes, OR spontaneous critiquing. During this time every student will also meet one-on-one with editors to discuss direction of manuscript—next steps, goals.

5:00 - Lessons Learned—what you've learned about yourself, what do you do next?  Discussion. Final questions.

This agenda can be changed as needed. We offer it as an example of one of a number of possible workshops that we -- Eileen Robinson and Harold Underdown -- can present to your group, covering a variety of topics and running in length from a halfday intensive to a week-long writing retreat.

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