KBR PB Revision Summer School:
Promotion Giveaway

We will be offering our "summer school" version of our online class "Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book Manuscript" starting June 1. To get the word out about past online classes, we've used our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter posts, and even Facebook advertising. We're not using the advertising this time--we're not sure it's effective--but we want to let many people know about the class, and so we came up with the idea for this promotion giveaway.

How It Works

The basic idea is simple: You post about the summer school on social media, with a link to the description page or the Facebook Event page, and you get an entry in the giveaway. We don't want to miss your post, so you also need to make sure that we see it. On Facebook, you can tag one of us in your post. On Twitter, use the hashtag #PBSummerSchool as part of your post. If you post elsewhere, such as on Instagram or Tumblr, please find some other way to let us know. Posts from now through June 1 qualify.

One post equals one entry. We will use our discretion in deciding what qualifies--if you auto-post on Twitter every 10 minutes for a day, for example, we won't give you 144 entries for your efforts. That's overkill, and might annoy people. If you want to post once a day, or a similar more sedate schedule, we're fine with that. We will also use our discretion in awarding extra entries for creativity or for posts that go viral.

The Prize

We will select a winner at random from all the entries. The winner will be entitled to take either the Summer School class, our upcoming Revising Your Novel webinar, or our next Revising Your PB webinar at no charge. If you win and don't want to use the prize yourself, you can transfer it to someone else. That's it! Simple. Thank you for taking part.

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