Picture Book or Magazine Story? How to Tell the Difference and Revise from One to the Other

What do you do if you've written a story and aren't sure if it works for a magazine or a picture book? You learn the difference—and then you create versions for both genres, if that makes sense. In this workshop, writers will learn the distinguishing characteristics of picture books and magazine stories, with a short glance at other types of stories, and see how the differences play out in published examples.

Writers should bring a story to work on. With our guidance, and the help of a specific checklist of changes to consider, they will move from the theoretical to the practical and start to revise from one genre to the other.

Intended to be 1 to 2 hours in length, for presentation at conferences, this workshop can be expanded to up to 4 hours with additional material related to writing and revising picture book and magazine stories.

This is one of a number of possible workshops that we -- Eileen Robinson and Harold Underdown -- can present to your group, covering a variety of topics and running in length from a halfday intensive to a week-long writing retreat.

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