Kid's Book Revisions:
Manuscript Revision Tutorial

Our Tutorial approach is a new version of our KBR class. Like the class, we give you three rounds of editorial comments, and you will have the opportunity to make three rounds of revisions, but you may choose your own schedule, and work on a manuscript of any length. We have set it up so that people can work with us on novels, but you may submit picture books, nonfiction, or any other type of children's book manuscript.

During the Tutorial, you will start with one editor, who will guide you through two rounds of revision, before handing you off to the other editor for a second opinion and comments that will help you to continue to revise.

Class Structure and Schedule

This is an example only, assuming a novel of 200 pages or more. The structure can be modified to suit you, either by stretching it out, or shortening it, pausing in the middle, etc.


Please contact us by email first with your name, address, and phone number; a description of your manuscript and its word or page count; what you hope to do in the class; and an attached synopsis and sample chapter.

Synopsis should be 1 page only.  No cover letters please, just a description of your character and plot or story line.  Synopses do not have to be polished for submission to a publisher--at this point, we just want to get a feel for your story.

We will promptly confirm (or not) that your manuscript seems to be suited to our tutorial approach (or not). If it is, we will discuss your schedule, and arrange for payment. We usually take payment through PayPal (we send you an invoice; you pay by credit card at the PayPal site). If for any reason you are not comfortable with making a payment through PayPal, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Fees are $350 for picture books of up to 3,000 words, or $500 for a partial or full manuscript of up to 75 standard manuscript pages; for longer manuscripts, add $7 per page. So, for example, a 200-page manuscript would cost a total of $1375.

Payment Schedule: Fees of $500 or less are due when we schedule you, if you will be starting in the current or the following month. Fees of over $500 can be split into two payments, at your option, with the first due upon scheduling, and the second due with your first revision.

Deposits: We will hold a place for a future month (i.e., not the current or following month) upon payment of a nonrefundable $150 deposit. If you do not take up the place we held, you lose it; if you do take it, the deposit is applied to your tuition.

At present, we are scheduling two Tutorial "starts" per month. We may modify that or our fees as we get more experience with this structure. Please feel free to contact us with your questions about the Tutorials.

Discussion Time

We make ourselves available by email during a Tutorial to address questions and discuss concerns, and when necessary can schedule phone conversations; we ask that you not make excessive demands on our time in this area, as we do have other obligations.

When there is interest, we can also set up group email discussions among authors sharing common concerns or interests, moderated by one or both of us over the period of a week or two.

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