PB Webinar Picture Book Critique Offer

For those who have registered for our "Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book" 2017 webinar, we offer two options to get picture book critiques at special rates.

For a short critique plus phone consultation, you can sign up below. These will be similar to a conference critique. You may send us your complete PB manuscript, in standard manuscript format. If you are an illustrator, you may include a dummy. You may also include a cover letter with questions or concerns. You will receive concise written feedback and a 10-minute phone consultation. We will critique manuscripts in the order in which we receive them, starting when we open up registration and continuing through the course of the webinar sessions.

These cost $100, a considerable discount from the minimum fees we each set for critiques. Use a link below to pay the fee for the editor you want. The link will take you to Paypal to pay. You will then be contacted by the editor you chose at the email address you used on Paypal, and can submit your materials; please give us 2 days to respond before checking. We will initially offer 10 critique slots each and may open up more if our time permits.

Examples from the manuscripts we critique may be presented to the class, but only with the student's advance permission. We will keep them anonymous if requested.

The second option is available after the workshop ends. This is a straightforward discount from our usual rates to workshop participants for one year. Please see below for details.

$100 critiques of a picture book manuscript (please read instructions above).
Eileen Robinson: $100 critique. Eileen will critique 10 manuscripts, no more than 1 per student.

Harold Underdown: Harold is closed to manuscripts.

Critique discounts after the workshop: We will do picture book critiques for workshop participants for a year after the workshop ends at 25% off our usual rates. For this offer, contact us through our websites. For Eileen Robinson, start at her F1rst Pages Critique Fees page. For Harold Underdown, start at his PC Editorial Services Rates and Services page. You are welcome to explore our sites for additional information about our backgrounds and services, but please keep in mind that the webinar discount only applies to picture book critiques, not to any of the other services we offer.

Remember: please register and attend the webinar to be eligible for a critique, and use the same email addresses for both so that we can quickly identify you. We are offering these rates only to those taking the webinar.

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