Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions we expect to be asked or we have been asked about the webinar series we are holding February through April, 2018, Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book. If you have questions about other Kid's Book Revisions topics, please see the options on the KBR home page.

Is the webinar intended for beginners or experienced writers? It is intended for both. The webinar covers different parts of creating and revising a picture book, providing appropriate techniques to use at different points, and giving you a framework in which to modify them as needed. Beginner or moderately experienced writers will find new ideas and techniques, but even published writers will benefit from a broad review and will encounter some new things along the way. It is a general course with a broad focus. You could call it a survey course. It is not an advanced-level course concentrating in depth on a specific topic, and if you take it expecting it to be, you will be disappointed.

What does a webinar look like anyway? On your computer, you'll see a "slide show" style presentation (like a PowerPoint, if you are familiar with those). There's also a small video window so you can see and hear the presenter, and a text chat area where you can type questions and chat with other participants. You can see this in action in our free preview webinar, which we will make available as a recording.

What can I do if I miss watching a session? Video recordings of sessions will be put up for viewing as soon as possible after they "air." You will be able to watch them as many times as you like, for at least a month after the class is over.

If I watch live, can I watch the sessions again? You can watch them again as well as watching them live.

What accommodations are you providing for people with hearing issues? We will be providing full transcripts of each session, working through, which will be posted as soon as they are created, probably within 4 or 5 days of each session.

Can I register and watch the webinar series after it is over? We are considering making the archived version of the webinar available once it is over. If the series sells out, we will open up access to the archived version while it is still going on. The archived version will include access to handouts, transcripts, and the text chats.

What can I do if I want to ask questions? I may not be able to watch all of the sessions live. We are committed to answering all questions. During a session, you can ask questions via text chat, either during the presentation or at the end. All of those questions will be answered, right away in the chat, or at the end of the session, time permitting, or by email if not. If you are not present during a session, you can also email us with your questions.

I write nonfiction picture books. Will this webinar be useful for me? That depends on what kind of nonfiction you are writing. Our focus is primarily on picture books that tell a story, so if you write narrative nonfiction you will find useful techniques. If you write straight information nonfiction or concept books, you will do better in a different workshop.

I see there will be handouts, but how will we get them? There will be handouts for each session, made available ahead of time via email or a private web page to which you will receive a link. We also plan to set up an archive.

I registered, but I didn't receive any response. Should I be concerned? Yes, you should be! You were sent an email acknowledging your registration and providing instructions for what to do to complete it by paying. If you did not get an email, please look first in your spam folder, and then please contact us.

I'm not sure how to set up my computer, or even if it will work. What can I do? If you have a computer or tablet with an Internet connection, it will almost certainly work--the technical requirements are no more demanding than playing a YouTube video. You will be able to try it out during the preview webinar. Note that if you are traveling, smartphones may also work if you just want to follow a session, but we do not recommend them, as their screens are too small.

If you don't find an answer to your question here, please send it to us at and we will update this list as needed.

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